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Our core business is designing, developing, and integrating Internet applications and associated technologies.
This newsletter software is a fruit of years of knowledge and experience.
This newsletter software is 100% pure Java.



Announcing Newsletter Dispenser 3

Newsletter Dispenser 3 is scheduled to be released Sept 2017, and Newsletter Dispenser 3 Enterprise is scheduled to be release Dec 2018.
The users will be able to choose between Newsletter Dispenser 3 and Newsletter Dispenser 3 Enterprise.
Newsletter Dispenser 3 will be a low cost option for users with limited subscribers and limited publishers.
Newsletter Dispenser 3 Enterprise will have the flexibility and capabilities that an enterprise environment requires.
We will continue to support existing features of Newsletter Dispenser. Some of the features will only be available in Newsletter Dispenser 3 Enterprise.

Following are some of the highlights of new features:

 Customizable Variables
You can define custom variables and have the variables used in the newsletter. These variables will be replaced at the time when the newsletter is published.

 Schedule a newsletter
You can schedule the newsletter to be sent out to the users at a specific time and date.

 Multiple SMTP servers for load balancing
You can specify number of different SMTP servers that can be used to send out the newsletters. Newsletter Dispenser will automatically balance the load to ensure that the e-mails are sent using the SMTP servers. This allows you to send greater number of newsletters.

 Resend a newsletter to a user
You will have the flexibility to resend a newsletter over again to a user. You would be able to see when an email newsletter was sent to a user and resend the newsletter if you choose to.

 File Attachment
You would be able to attach a file to the newsletter that you publish. This allows the users to receive the files along with the newsletter.

You would be able to track the newsletter and see how many people opened the newsletter, and forwarded the newsletter to others.

 New Reports
Sample of new reports are:
- Report of subscription source for a newsletter
- Report of e-mail requests

 View the out-going e-mails
You can review the list of out-going queue and what e-mails are being sent and their status.

You can have different triggers for publishing newsletter. For example if a data is changed or a date has been reached then you can trigger the newsletter to be published.
You would be able to create your own custom triggers as well.

You can also have the publishing of the newsletter attached with other actions. For example you can populate fields once the newsletter is published. This allows you to benefit from a great flexibility of publishing your newsletter along with other actions that are required in order to have the newsletter published.
You can also create your own custom actions.

 Customizable e-mail commands
You can now customize the e-mail commands that are available to you. The e-mail commands perform an action for the user, and you can customize the commands and have a custom command created to perform different actions.

 Edit newsletter by e-mail
You can now edit and change the newsletter by simply sending an e-mail. You can use your favorite e-mail client to publish your newsletter and simply e-mail it to Newsletter Dispenser. Newsletter Dispenser will use the body of the e-mail as the new newsletter.

 HTML forms in the e-mail
You can now embed and use HTML forms in your e-mail. This will allow you to ask questions and gather data from each individual user. Newsletter Dispenser will compile the data and have it available for you to view or download.

 One time quick list
Sometimes you need to send an old or a new digital newsletter to a quick list of people. With this feature you can easily send the newsletter to a list of e-mails.