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Our core business is designing, developing, and integrating Internet applications and associated technologies.
This newsletter software is a fruit of years of knowledge and experience.
This newsletter software is 100% pure Java.




 Multi-Platform Support
Since Newsletter Dispenser software is written in Pure Java you can run the system on any operating system.

  Multi-Database Support
Newsletter software is tested with number of different databases to ensure compatibility.

  Support for multiple formats
Newsletter software supports HTML and Text e-mail newsletters. It sends the requested format of newsletter to the subscriber.

  WYSIWYG Editor
With our newsletter software you can easily edit, change the newsletter using WYSIWYG editor.

  Test Newsletters
With our newsletter software you can easily test out your newsletter. Using our test feature you can send a sample newsletter to ensure quality newsletter for your subscribers.

  Database Connection Pooling
Newsletter software is written using the best coding practices in Java, it utilizes an internal JDBC connection pooler if another one is not available.

  Support For Serving Newsletter To Multiple Sites
Using Newsletter Dispenser you can setup different newsletters to be served under different pages and different sites. You can server up specific newsletters to subscribers.

  Serve an Unlimited Newsletter
Yasna is mostly focused on creating software solutions that help our customers. Our focus is to maintain our happy customers, in that endeavour Newsletter software is licensed per Server, and you are allowed to have multiple installation of the software on a single server.

  Segregation of Data and Code
Newsletter software is written to ensure ease of maintainability. Using Newsletter Dispenser Admin software you can upload supporting newsletter images, and all the data even the images are stored in the database. Therefore the data will be maintained separate from the code.

  Easy To Follow Installation Software
Accompanied with Newsletter software there is an easy to follow installation software that will assist you to install the software.

  Support For Multiple Formats
Newsletter Server allows for different newsletter formats to be stored, so you can easily create newsletters.

  User Manager
Newsletter Dispenser software allows you to maintain different logins for number of users and publishers.

  Easy and Friendly Software
Our years of experience has gone into creating this software, which focuses on ease of use.

  Multiple Templates
You can store and reuse e-mail templates to help you unify the look and feel of your newsletters

  E-Mail Publishing Guard
Newsletter Dispenser Software has a built in publishing guard that ensures that all the e-mails are sent to the users, even if the server crashes in middle of the processing.

  Restricted Publishers
Newsletter Dispenser Software locks down the publishers to allow them to access their own e-mail lists only

  E-Mail Bounce Control
Newsletter Dispenser Software offers a bounce control on the e-mail lists, so if a user's e-mail is rejected 3 consecutive times the account is suspended.

  E-Mail Commands
You can subscribe or unsubscribe from a list by sending an e-mail with "subscribe/unsubscribe" subjects to a configurable e-mail address.

  Integrate Other Users
Newsletter Dispenser allows you to easily integrate other data sources into the system and allow you to publish newsletter to the subscribers.

  Integrate into your site
With Newsletter Dispenser you can integrate and maintain your newsletter subscription form on your website and existing registeration forms.

  More Details...
To get more background and technical details about the software you can read the document NewsletterDispenser.pdf which goes into details of the software.

You can download and install a full featured demo to get a better look at the features of the software. [Click Here to Download Demo].